Roosevelt Scott















Roosevelt (Rosie) Scott started his personal protection journey while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps; Ooo-Rah!  During his tenure in the Marines, Roosevelt taught everything from small arms (handguns) to heavy machineguns.


While in the Marines, Roosevelt continued his training in personal protection, as part of a Special Response Team (SRT), who provided security for executives of the U.S. Department of Energy. While a member, and later team leader of the SRT, Roosevelt trained with such teams as the L.A.P.D. SWAT, British Special Air Service (S.A.S), the FBI'S Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), the Israeli Anti-terrorist Team and numerous specialized teams from all over the United States.  Roosevelt is also an NRA Certified Pistol instructor, a life member of the NRA and a State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) certified Firearms Instructor.


After the September 11, 2001 massacre, Roosevelt worked with a security detail to provide protection for executives at Disney, Sony, Paramount and Warner Brother Studios and Warner Brother Records. After completing a thirteen year tour in the Marine Corps, Roosevelt settled down and went to work as a police officer at the Bakersfield Police Department.


After serving 10 years on the police force, Roosevelt was medically retired due to an injury he sustained in the line of duty. He took a short hiatus and joined the Kern County District Attorney’s office as an Investigator, where he worked for 12 years. Roosevelt is a Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) certified Rangemaster, and a P.O.S.T. certified Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun Instructor.


In 2006, Roosevelt began offering CCW classes to employees of the Kern County District Attorneys office.  This came about after several Deputy District Attorneys came to him stating that they had been verbally assaulted and threatened with physical violence by family and friends of persons they were either in the process of prosecuting or had prosecuted.  As a result, Roosevelt wrote a CCW class and submitted it to the Kern County Sheriff's Department.  Roosevelt has been approved by the Sheriff's Department to teach CCW Classes since 2006.

It did not take long for word spread about the quality of instruction being offered.  Shortly thereafter, Roosevelt was sought out by employees of several other Kern County agencies to include the Sheriff's Department, Superior Court, Chief Accounting Office, Roads, Mental Health and the list just goes on.  Roosevelt has also been sought out by officers of several local Law Enforcement agencies to teach CCW classes to their spouses, friends and other members of their family.  Roosevelt has also taught CCW classes to employees of many other public and private agencies and businesses.


One of Roosevelt's other duties at the District Attorneys office was Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO).  As one of the TLO'S, he networked with agencies, both public and private, who came together as one under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to combat terrorism.  Roosevelt also assisted members of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Investigative Services Unit (ISU) with crimes committed within the CDCR system.


Roosevelt earned a dual major Associates Degree from Bakersfield College in Psychology and Administration of Justice and a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership from Fresno Pacific University. Roosevelt also still serves with the U.S. military, only this time, providing weapons instruction and training to deploying and home-based California National Guard and California Air Guard troops.















Ruben Mendez, Jr.


Ruben came onboard with Triple Threat Solutions as an Instructor after having worked for the Kern County           Sheriff’s Office as a Detention Deputy for ten years.  Ruben has handled firearms most of his life, which began with hunting small game with his father. While at the Sheriff’s Department, Ruben became proficient with the   Glock handgun, the Remington shotgun, the methods of Gun Retention and the escalation and de-escalation of force.  To not only protect himself, but also Detention Deputies he worked with, Ruben received training in Defensive Tactics and the use of Tasers and Pepper Spray.















                                                         Francine Bartlett     



        Francine is one of Triple Threat Solutions’ newest instructors.  Francine agreed to come on-board to give Triple             Threat Solutions a Woman’s touch.  Francine is very knowledgeable and is an excellent coach.  We are fortunate          to have Francine as an instructor.  Francine brings a lot to the table with her wide range of knowledge, skills, and          abilities.


        Francine insists on staying current with her training and has attended many training courses.  A few of those                 courses are the Basic Handgun Course, a Ladies Only Basic Handgun Course, an Advanced Defensive Handgun         Course, a 3 Day Handgun Course, a Handgun Retention Course, a Shotgun 1 Course and a Shotgun 1 (Home             Defense) Course.  Francine can also defend herself without a firearm; as she has also attended Knife 1                         Courses.  Francine also holds Concealed Carry Weapon’s (CCW’S) permits in California, Nevada, Arizona and             Ohio.


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