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Our Laser Shot Virtual Shooting Range is a state of the art system which simulates a traditional shooting range with the use of virtual targets.  Shooters use the Sim 7 pistol which has the same weight and feel of a real firearm. 


The Laser Shot system projects an image onto our 9-foot screen.  A camera built onto the projector keeps track of the projected image and reads infrared signals emitted from the Sim 7 pistol.  Those signals are then registered as hits on the screen. 


The system can be used for Marksmanship training helping brand new to expert shooters hone their skills.  Children as young as 6 years-old have been taught firearm safety, how to properly hold a firearm, how to align the sights and proper trigger press.  Companies have even sponsored their employees on the use of the Laser Shot system to promote team building, and couples have reserved time on the system as part of their date night.

If you are a CCW permit holder the system has numerous real-life scenarios you can choose to go through.  The same types of scenarios law enforcement officers in an off-duty capacity are put through.


Whatever your reasons, it would be worth the trip to stop by our shop.  We are sure you will not only be surprised on how much a person can do with the system, but also quite pleased on how the system can help beginners to advanced shooters improve their marksmanship skills. 

Hours:  Monday through Saturday 9am - 6pm   The address is 4630 Easton Drive #3, 93309


Use of the Virtual Shooting Range is by appointment only.  To reserve your time please call 661-204-0925


Please contact us if you would like to schedule a private session for yourself or a group.



    For Directions To The Virtual Range, Click Here---> 

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