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About the Program
The Active Shooter In The Workplace Program training program is designed to prepare you and your staff should an Active Shooter strike your place of business.  Learn what to expect, how to prepare and how to react to the unthinkable.
We can offer all industries from a one hour lecture, up to two-hour training scenarios with live-fire (movie prop guns firing blanks).
These training courses may be the single most important training you will provide for yourself and your employees, and hope they never have to use it.  Imagine not training and leaving your survival to chance...
The scenario training will give the participants a jolt of the reality of what it feels like to be hunted down and/or in the same room as an Active Shooter!
The knowledge gained from the training will empower the participants, teaching them they can affect the outcome of an Active Shooter Incident!  Gone are the days of hiding under desks, waiting for help to arrive!  Essentially just waiting to be slaughtered!  Together we CAN make a difference!



Who should attend this training?




·   Administrative Staff

· Company Risk Managers

· Customer Service Staff

  Factory and Warehouse Staff

· First Line Supervisors

· Food and Beverage Servers

· Government Office Workers

- HR Directors

· Industrial Safety Staff

· Line Personnel

· Loss Prevention Team

  Military Personnel

· Municipal Employees

· Office Workers

· Personnel Managers

· Retail Employee and Administration

· Security Personnel

  School Administrators

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