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AR-15 Rifle Maintenance, Marksmanship, Zero and Fighting Drills - $100/$200 


****Maximum of 15 Students Per Class****


Note: A $50 Deposit is required for the Maintenance course and an $100 deposit is required for the combined Maintenance and Shooting course, which is refundable up to 7 days prior to the date of the course. 



Although this course is titled AR-15, all Rifle Systems are allowed.  This is a marksmanship fighting course, maximum distanced fired is 50 yards.

         1 Hour Maintenance Only                 1 Hour Shooting Only                    2 Hour Maintenance/Shooting

Deposit $50             Full Tuition $100          Deposit $50   Full Tuition $100         Deposit $100        Full Tuition $200




This is an excellent course for beginners to advanced shooters. This class provides a great foundation for further firearm instruction and how to Fight with your rifle.



Maintenance: Learn how to properly disassemble, reassemble, clean and maintain your rifle, while also learning skills on how to safely operate, load, unload and store your rifle.  Please bring your rifle cleaning kit (Brushes, solvent, lube).



Shooting:  The first hour is spent on the range zeroing the rifle's sights.  Learn how to engage single and multiple threats, shooting on the move, barricade shooting and how to transition from your rifle to using your handgun.  You will also learn how to clear the most common types of malfuctions in order to get your rifle system back operating.  If you bring a companion to the class, you will learn how to fight together.



Equipment required: 150 rounds of rifle ammunition, at least three (2) magazines, clothing appropriate for weather conditions, eye and hearing protection, plenty of water/fluids to drink, sun block /lip balm, you know the drill for you. If you bring a handgun, please bring a holster and 50 rounds of handgun ammunition.




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