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Additional Services

Want to protect yourself and others while unarmed? Learn more about our Unarmed Self-Offense / Personal Protection Course!

Want to ensure your home can handle the unknown? Learn more about our Home Threat Assessments!

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Unarmed Self-offense course

Our 1-hour self-Offense class is perfect for men or women who want to learn a basic foundation for keeping out of harm’s way.

Let us show you how to defend against an attack and more importantly, avoiding a dangerous situation in the first place.


The goal is to do things that will make the bad guy want to get away from you!

Unarmed Self-Offense Course: $40 / Session

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Home Threat Assessment

We will even go out to your home to conduct a Threat Assessment to help you determine if your location is vulnerable and offer tips to make your home more secure.

The goal is to make your place a harder target.

Call today to schedule an assessment.

Home Threat Assessment - $75 / Hour

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