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I love this! Glad to see you are out here helping the helpless.

I loved the ccw class and will be sharing your website with all my friends!


Nicole Kay Sammons





The BEST CCW instructor Ever!!!!  John Rodriguez and I will always recommend you!!!





Gift certificate was a hit this Christmas. Thanks Mr Scott.

I have more family members interested in ccw class


Ruben N Veronica Mendez





Rosie is awesome! I took his class a few months ago. Educational and entertaining!

Best of luck on your new venture.


Sandra Conaway Quigley





I've received training from Mr. Scott and have found him to be a very competent

and real-world Instructor. He has the skills and expertise to even the odds

for anyone fortunate enough to use his services.

Jim Steed





Hi Roosevelt                                                                                                              


Thank you for the excellent training session.  Your articulate and                         

concise instructions coupled with patience made me feel comfortable                

and focused.


I especially appreciated how you not only demonstrated techniques, but

also gave valuable insight and information which brought an

understanding of the importance of those techniques.  Your knowledge

and expertise really shows.


I feel you have armed me with knowledge and confidence that greatly

enhances my ability of self-protection.  Please feel free to use me as

a reference anytime.


 I look forward to additional training with you in the future and have

already recommended your services to others.


Thank you for your blessings and I pray that God may bless you and

your family as well.







Just wanted to thank you and your staff for a wonderful class.  I

learned so much, and had fun doing it.  Also, when I got home, I

recounted the bullet holes in the target, and we missed one.  There is

a shot right in the barrel of the bad guys gun!!!!  LOL, thought you

would get a kick out of that.  So, I got 19 out of 20, hee,hee.  I am

looking forward to taking more classes.  Take care and God Bless.







Jay Michelle Davis





Thanks Roosevelt for a great CCW class.. Informative and relaxed environment.

Power point presentation made the class interesting. And having patients with me on

the shooting range.. Thanks again.


Renee Brooks





Just want to say thanks to Roosevelt Scott for some great training today!



Ruben N Veronica Mendez



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