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Triple Threat Solutions provides two main services to prepare your business to react to an Active Shooter event. We offer both staff training and on-site consulting.





There are many tactical courses designed to train law enforcement personnel and other first responders how to handle an Active Shooter event. Chances are the average citizen will be the first to encounter an Active Shooter. As such, this training was developed to fill the void and provide simple, yet effective, options to consider if you or your employees fall victim to an Active Shooter.


This is not "self-defense" or "first responder" training. This is training for the "everyday" person that may save your life or the lives of others.  Whether you are a manager, supervisor or frontline staff, you have a role in preparing for and reacting to an Active Shooter on your premises.  This service is ideal for the large business that requires a plan to satisfy insurance requirements.


This one-hour lecture or two-hour lecture and the hands-on course may be the single most important training you will provide for your employees, and hope they never have to use.  Class size is limited to 40 students. You can decide if you would like scenario training for your staff.




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